Tuesday, 8 May, 2007

The future is coming...

I was chatting this morning with a friend about this and that, and the conversation turned to how life nowadays is becoming increasingly futuristic, and at what a pace this was happening...We seem to have gotten into a state where we look at new technologies that we come across and say "yeah, that's cool", and go right ahead and start using it in a very blase manner- as against the days when stuff like this would be considered life-changing.

Imagine the time the first TV's came out (I really have to imagine, I wasn't around then!), and how that would have simply blown people away - and on the other hand, think of the way cell phones have been assimilated so easily into people's lifestyles! I guess it's all a function of the increased innovation that is happening all around us, and the fact that we get to see it happening all the time, so much so that it almost becomes common-place.

And without realizing that it's happening, the future would be right in the midst of us! Not so long ago, sci-fi authors like Isaac Asimov (someone whose work I greatly enjoy) wrote of robots (in his Robots series of stories and novels), artificial body parts to prolong life (in The Bicentennial Man), visiplates, the inhabiting of new planets and such...and even today we create new and improved robots, our explorations into material sciences and nanotechnology leads us to the development of advanced prosthetics, the video-phone is already reality today, and we just found ourselves the most Earth-like planet yet!

Cool, no?

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