Monday, 4 June, 2007

What did BMW do wrong?

I'm sure everyone has seen the details of how the "BMW case" is turning out - this news item, for instance.

I quote here the crux of the case, from the same article -

"Nanda is facing trail* for crushing to death six persons while driving his BMW car allegedly at high speed in Delhi on January 18, 1999."

(*spelling mistake! Bad, bad rediff!!)

That's it - that's the ONLY connection BMW has with the whole issue, and yet this is being labeled the "BMW case"!!! And the company's name is being dragged through mud! When Sallu bhai did something similar a few years ago, it was termed the 'Salman Khan case', or the 'pavement murders'. But here it's not the 'Nanda case', but the poor guys who made the damn car!!


Interestingly, I haven't heard a peep from the BMW guys in the media about their name being bandied about in this context. I am not entirely sure it's good publicity for them - unless mowing down the plebians is the latest pastime of the rich and famous, or alternately, these guys believe that any publicity is good publicity.

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