Saturday, 14 July, 2007


This just struck me a few minutes ago - just out of nowhere. Just why exactly is the Hindi word 'saala' a cuss-word? Saala means the brother of your wife. What could be derogatory about that?

A moment's further contemplation brought the answer of course - what if one turns this definition around? By calling someone saala, I actually imply that I am banging his sister! Now that puts a slightly different spin I guess! A little research on the net proves I'm right. Funny how, given this slightly racy and strong (?) interpretation, it's still such a commonly used term, often even by children!

A bit of joblessness made me explore some more such "harmless" terms - here's one. See point 3 in that page! "Endearing and rather harmless" indeed!

He he!


Anonymous said...

And what about: maga?

Phani Mitra said...

and macchan? ;-)

Anand said...

Well, if I call you 'maga' (son), then who am i banging again? ;-)

'Macchan' means you and your sister are tamilians!! ;-)

Sriram P said...

Love this exempleray piece of jobless internet browsing.. bet you did this while you were being paid to work... oh.. well.. who doesn't as i am reading your blog when i am at work.. :).. its is quite enlightening isnt...