Sunday, 12 August, 2007

Full Meals under Rs. 50!

1. Starters

1 Pani Puri at the roadside stand outside 'Sri Vasavi Condiments' - Rs. 10/-

{Remember to ask for the 'sukha' at the end!}

2. Main Course

1 Plain dosa, (made from pure ghee that the cook squirts straight out of the pouch it was packed in) with coconut chutney on the side at the unnamed eatery - Rs. 15/-

3. Dessert

1 glass of Malai Milk, garnished with dry fruits and nuts, at the 'Mumbai Badam Milk and Lassi Centre' - Rs. 20/-

Total Expense = Rs. 45/-

That wonderful feeling of your taste buds exploding in ecstasy and your tummy sated in content - PRICELESS!

Location - Vasavi temple road, also known as 'Eat Street', or 'Food Street', VV Puram (Basavangudi), Bangalore. Get to Lalbagh West Gate, go down to VV Puram Circle, take the lane that leads back up from the corner of Vasavi Bakery. Parking is an issue, so make sure you take the first available spot anywhere nearby and walk.

The above is just a sample that this place offers - this is one of the best street food areas in Bangalore. Food is cheap, mostly fairly clean, usually very tasty, and you get to see it made right in front of you. It's packed on weekend nights - which can be part of the fun as well! The entire experience is best enjoyed on foot.


Rafath said...

Been there last weekend, you should try the corn there(its different!!) and the yummy Jalebi's!

Phani Mitra said...

I always come back to your blog dude, it is always a pleasant surprise. You write of such simple things - dil khush ho gaya! Aur whatz up?!